Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board a pioneer institution for development and rehabilitation of urban slums was set up in 1970 with the motto 'God, we shall see, in the smile of the poor ' for the clearance and improvement of urban slum areas in Tamil Nadu. It has been implementing various Housing, Slum Improvement and Rehabilitation and Resettlement schemes to ameliorate the living conditions of the slum dwellers in Tamil Nadu.


The three pronged strategy for developing / clearing slums followed by Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board are:

i) In-situ plotted development and infrastructure improvement

Wherever in-situ development is feasible, such slums are identified and taken up for in-situ improvement for provision of basic facilities to make the areas habitable and for provision of tenurial rights to the occupiers after getting the land transferred to the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board.

ii) In-situ tenemental schemes

The slums located in unobjectionable poramboke areas, wherein equitable distribution of space to all is not feasible, are cleared and tenemental schemes put up.

iii) Rehabilitation and Resettlement scheme

Wherever neither tenemental nor insitu development is feasible, (as in the case of objectionable porambokes like water ways etc.,) Rehabilitation and Resettlement in tenements in nearby locations with necessary infrastructure is taken up. The cleared site is then restored to its original use.

Other Programmes

i) Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board has provided support to individual housing schemes under different programmes like VAMBAY, Rajiv Gandhi Rehabilitation Package etc.,

ii) To ensure holistic development and economic upliftment of the poor, the Board has spear-headed community development activities in the slums, under which it imparts vocational training and livelihood support, specially for the youth and women.