How To Paint Your Home

Painting exterior of the house does a lot more than just make it appear better. Using good quality paint can also protect walls from being damaged by water or wind. It is important that the paint job be done correctly. It ensures that the shelf life of the wall is long and it will be secure to stay in such home. If you appoint a professional contractor then make sure the work is properly as you are investing your time and money in them. The exterior of the house should be more presentable than the interior of the house. It leaves a good or bad impression on the mind of the visitors.

Prepare your house for painting

Choose correct time :
When you are planning to paint exterior of your house, you should consider them. Time of the year plays a vital role in exterior painting you will not like to paint exterior walls in the rainy season, as it will not be of any use. Summer and winter are good time for painting but remember very hot or very cold temperatures can ruin the paint. Hence, the best time for painting exterior of the house is late spring. You can also opt for early autumn.


Clean the surface of the wall :
One can make use of various products for cleaning the exterior surface of the house. If the dirt is stubborn then making use of a power washer and remove the dirt and paint flecks. For stubborn dirt, you can also use soap or hot water with a wire brush to rub the dirt and remove it. Remember, you too should always clean from top to bottom. Clean surface bottom to top is foolishness. Before starting with painting provide adequate time to the surface to get dry so that painting can be done easily.

Make old paint and do repairs :
Before proceeding further, you should consider removing the old paint from the wall. It’s important so that the surface is smooth and plain. The painting will look better if it will be done on such surface. If you want to do any repairing work, then do it before painting. Do a thorough inspection of the house and look for any damage that you want to repair. Consider filling up holes or a crack that exists on the wall. Holes and crack can spoil the look of the newly painted wall. Hence, it is imperative that they are treated before painting.

Figure out how much paint is required :
Depending upon the size of your house, try to figure out the quantity of paint you require. Measure the height and perimeter of your house. It is imperative to figure out paint initially so that there is no shortage of paint while you are painting the house. The method you choose for application also affects the type of paint you need. In addition, note the brush and roller in the list of paint quantity as you will get everything at one single shop. It will be convenient for you.

Choose the color :
Make selection of color beforehand. Try figuring out which color would suit your house the better. Browse the internet for help. Click pictures of the wall and with photo editing software, checkout different color on it. If you are confused, then consult a professional and take advice from them.

Painting the house :
Once you got all the required material and house is prepared for putting the start painting. Decide which method you are going to use for painting such as brush painting, roller painting, spray painting, or back-roll painting. One can watch videos on the net for all the methods and learn the technique. Initially paint the siding of the house. Painting also, you need to go from top to bottom. It is to avoid drips and stain of paint that might fall, if you start the painting from bottom to top. So use your brain and do painting work smartly.
After you applied the first coat of paint, let it dry. Check out if the paint has completely dry and then go for the second coat of paint. After the second coat your work is done just relax and let type paint dry.

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