Monkeypox Spreads in Vietnam: Is it a New Global Threat?

The Binh Duong Department of Health said on Monday that a 22-year-old woman is now staying at the Tan Uyen City medical center because she’s sick. People in charge have cleaned and sanitized areas close to where the sick woman lives. The Binh Duong Center for Disease Control (CDC) is trying to find and talk to the people she was in contact with to stop the sickness from spreading.

The woman’s boyfriend, who lives in a nearby place called Dong Nai Province, was confirmed to have monkeypox by the CDC on Sunday. He is the third person in Vietnam to get monkeypox, and his girlfriend is the fourth. The first two people with monkeypox in Vietnam got it in another country in 2022, but they were put in quarantine when they came back to Vietnam, so they didn’t spread the sickness here. We don’t know how the third person got sick, according to the Dong Nai CDC. He started feeling bad with things like a fever, chills, and blisters on September 17. He went to a private clinic for help, but he didn’t get better.

On September 22, he went to the HCMC Hospital of Dermato Venereology to find out what was wrong. His fever was gone, but he had swollen lymph nodes and rashes on some parts of his body. The hospital thought he might have monkeypox, so they sent samples to the HCMC Pasteur Institute for tests, and it turned out to be monkeypox. Now he’s in quarantine in HCMC. The man said he’s a freelancer and meets a lot of people, but none of them were from other countries. He went back home in Dong Nai’s Xuan Loc District on September 2 and saw four family members. He also met his girlfriend on September 16.

The HCMC CDC has found eight people who were close to the man, including his girlfriend. They all seem fine and don’t have strange symptoms, so they were told to stay home and keep an eye on their health for 21 days. Monkeypox started spreading in May 2022 in places like the U.S., the U.K., Sweden, and Belgium. These countries hadn’t seen this sickness before. More than 90,000 people have been confirmed to have it, and sometimes it can be deadly, with up to 11% of people dying from it. On July 23, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) said it was a global health emergency because monkeypox was spreading everywhere.

People with monkeypox get symptoms like rashes, blisters, fever, body aches, and feeling tired. It takes 5-21 days from when someone gets infected to when they start feeling sick. Right now, there is no vaccine or cure for monkeypox in Vietnam.

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