The last supermoon of 2023 will rise on 29 sep.

What’s a supermoon?

A supermoon is when the moon comes closest to Earth when it’s full. It’s like the moon getting really, really close to us. Sometimes it’s about 224,854 miles away, but other times it can be as far as 252,712 miles away. Supermoons are special because they look about 16% brighter and bigger than a regular full moon. It’s like the difference between a big coin (a quarter) and a smaller one (a nickel). This month’s supermoon will be 5% bigger and 13% brighter than the regular full moons we’ve seen this year. The biggest supermoon this year was in August.

When can you see the “Harvest” supermoon?

You can see the supermoon between Thursday night and Friday morning. It will be shining the brightest at 5:58 a.m. EDT on Friday, September 29. You can check exactly when it will rise in your area using the U.S. Navy moonrise calendar.

Why is it called the “Harvest” moon?

It’s called the “Harvest” moon because it’s the full moon closest to the start of autumn. In September, farmers are busy gathering their crops in the Northern Hemisphere. That’s why they call it the “Harvest” moon. Sometimes, this special moon happens in October instead. August had two full moons with special names: the “Sturgeon Moon” and the “Blue Moon.” The full moon in October will be called the “Hunter’s Moon.”

How can you see and take pictures of the supermoon?

Seeing the supermoon is easy. Just go outside and look up at the sky, says NASA. If you have binoculars or a telescope, you can use them to get a closer look at the moon and see its details better. Remember to turn off your camera flash and focus on the moon, not the sky, if you want to take pictures. Using a timer can help you take steady shots without shaking the camera. If you have a telescope, you can also take pictures through it.

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