Toast-It’s Rise to Glory: The Shark Tank Secrets Exposed

1. What is Toast-It’s mission?

Toast-It wants to be the top healthy South American food brand in the United States. They also want to teach people about Venezuelan culture and food. They make their food without gluten, nuts, preservatives, or added sugars. Even though the ingredients are simple, the flavors are real and delicious.

2. Who are Toast-It’s founders?

The people who started Toast-It are Maria Fernanda and Maria Corina, two sisters. They loved the food they grew up with in Venezuela, so they started making it and selling it in Miami. Maria Fernanda knows about food and business, which helps the company succeed.

3. Walmart sold Toast-It products before Shark Tank

Before appearing on “Shark Tank,” Toast-It’s food was already being sold in Walmart. They got a chance to sell their food there because of a competition called Walmart Open Call. This helped them prove they could make a lot of food and sell it in more places, which made “Shark Tank” interested in them.

4. What is Toast-It’s most popular product?

Toast-It’s most loved product is their arepas. These are simple and delicious, made with just a few ingredients. People enjoy them because they remind them of the founder’s childhood flavors.

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